Ingredients Matter To Us

At Phin Smith our mission is built on a foundation of flavor. Where that flavor comes from has become part of the story we want to tell our community.

District 1 Roast

Highland Robusta Dark Roast

Named after Quan Nhat in Saigon, our District 1 Roast uses Robusta beans grown in the central highlands of Vietnam. Beans from this region are famous for their high caffeine content and wonderful notes of hazelnut and chocolate. 

Saigon Blend

Arabica Robusta Dark Roast

A tribute to the coffee culture in Saigon, our “Saigon Blend” is a combination of Central Highland Robusta Beans (famous for its high caffeine content and wonderful notes of hazelnut) balanced with Arabica beans for a bold, yet rich, smooth flavor.

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